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About our meditation classes

Meditation is the process through which we discover the essence of our inner self. Peace, joy, light, wisdom and love are inner qualities that we all have deep within our own being. Meditation is the key through which we unlock and reveal our inner, spiritual potential.

We are offering free classes in meditation and self discovery to help each person discover their own unique pathway to self discovery and fulfillment.

When one has real inner joy, one sees that Heaven is all around him. He is in Heaven or he has become Heaven itself. This is inner joy…when we get real inner joy even for a fleeting second, it immediately expands our consciousness and makes us feel that we are really divine, that expansion is our birthright, liberation is our birthright.

Sri Chinmoy (from the book 'Union-Vision')

sri-chinmoy1About our meditation teacher

The classes are given by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, who practise the teachings of Sri Chinmoy, and incorporate the lessons Sri Chinmoy taught them into their classes.

Originally from India, where he spent twenty years in a spiritual community, Sri Chinmoy moved to New York in 1964, where he served as the director of Peace Meditations in the United Nations for over 35 years. He felt that meditation was not an escape from the world, but a way to gain the inner strength to be happy in the world. He advocated accepting and loving the world as it is, and then working to better it. Until his passing in 2007, he practically demonstrated his philosophy and the power of meditation through poetry, prose, music, plays, art and athletic achievements.

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amayik-small-pic About our course instructor.

Course instructor Amayik Duckles has studied meditation as a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years. He has given classes and workshops in meditation and self-discovery throughout the US. Amayik has given classes in meditation at NYU, Columbia University, Hunter College and the SUNY campuses in Stoneybrook and New Paltz. A talented musician, Amayik incorporates music into his meditation workshops using music as a vehicle to promote inner peace. He has performed in concerts throughout the US, in Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America and in Bangladesh using music to promote inner peace, and universal harmony and understanding.

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We give free introductory classes every couple of months or so. To find out details of the next class, you can phone us on (845) 298 8872 or get in touch using the contact form!